Windows Vista: Day 1

I upgraded my office desktop to Vista Business yesterday.

So far, I’ve found that the following programs had to be removed as they’re incompatible with Vista:

  • Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 10
  • Norton Ghost 9.0
  • Zone Alarm Pro
  • HP PSC printer utilities
  • Scansoft PDF Create Pro

The Aero interface is pretty, but I quickly turned off the slide out, fade in, fade out menus and went to the “classic” menu on the START button.

Right now, I’m installing a 90 day trial of Windows One Care Live. I think that should bridge the time until Symantec has an update for our corporate AV solution.

I tried the built-in backup solution, but it won’t work with the current release of Samba and I use Samba on the Linux machine that hosts my PC’s backups. Vista itself is happy to use file shares on Samba, but he backup program does some tricky stuff with the ACLs that seem designed to break Samba. Remeber “It ain’t done till Lotus won’t run”?

More as time goes by.